Saturday, August 4, 2012

The first post

Bobbie Garnet Bees 

Abused and betrayed base brat

 Or - How the military placed it's prestige and image before the well being of a group of sexually abused children on Canadian Forces Base Namao.

Well, over the next little while I will be posting my story from my childhood as a base brat on Canadian Forces Base Namao.
My family was stationed there from 1978 until October 1980.
Sadly a collision of fates would occur that would have a horrific effect on my life.
The really sad thing is it would take about 32 years for the truth to emerge.

And when that truth emerged it sent the Department of National Defence into defensive mode....

My story involves a a man who didn't want children, a mother who ran away from an abusive situation, a perverted babysitter, a kiddie diddling member of the Canadian Armed Forces and a military hellbent on keeping a secret dead and buried in the past.

This will be my story.

Everything that I have to say in this story is true. And for the most part I do have all of the information to back my claims up. Retrieving information from the Canadian Armed Forces is a very painful experience.

For example, my family was involved with the Military Social Worker Captain Terry Totzke of Western Command. I sent in an FOI to the military to get those files. Unfortunately, unless I can tell the military exactly where these files are stored and what information is contained in them, I can't gain access to them.
Some things, like my childhood medical records were actually part of my father's military service records, but they would have been purged and destroyed five years after my 18th birthday.
My father's service records sit in the Archives and Library Canada, all that remains of my childhood records is a copy of my original birth certificate.
If I'm ever in Ottawa, I might actually go see this.

By way of comparison, I ended up filing FOI requests with various civilian agencies across Canada.
I received copies of everything I ever asked for.
The IWK Children's Hospital had my actual birth records from the time my mother first entered Grace Maternity Hospital to give birth.
The IWK Children's Hospital also had about 200 pages worth of medical records on me from the time period of about 12 months to five years for various visits and stays at the hospital.
Prince Country Hospital had my records for a visit that I paid in July of 1978
Alberta Child and Family Services had my records.
The Children's Aid Society of Toronto had my records.

And yet the military had nothing. They claim they only archive stuff for a maximum of sevens years and then destroy it.
How convenient.

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  1. Hi Bobbie hey i am so sorry to hear of your upbringing. I pray for your healing and if you ever need anyone to talk to i have a ear to listen. I wish you the best in life. Cheers