Friday, October 5, 2012

A Letter to Romeo Dallaire

This is a copy of a quick little letter that I have sent off to Senator Romeo Dallaire.

Senator Romeo Dallaire is a retired former member of the Canadian Armed Forces most widely remembered for his efforts in 1994 to stop the massacre in Rwanda. I don't know what if anything the good senator will be able to do to help me in my situation. I am beginning to believe that the Canadian Armed Forces will, by the sheer nature of their size and political influence, be able to successfully thwart any attempt that I make to see justice in my matter.

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To be honest, I am completely unsure what the outcome of this letter will be. I have begun to realize that I may never see any type of resolution from this matter.
This is an issue that no one wants to admit could ever have occurred in the first place.
This is also an issue that no one wants to deal with due to the repercussions that would be felt.

All I can say is that I dearly hope that someone will at least show a small modicum of concern.

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